#1 Round One
#2 Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems
#3 Under Siege
#4 Windstruck
#5 Slumber Party Massacre
#6 Truth or Consequences
#7 Queen B.
#8 Tonight's the Night
#9 Wild Wild Mess
#10 Fall on Your Knees
#11 Ex, Lies and Videotape
#12 The Trial of Emory Dick
#13 Hope in a Jar
#14 Caged!
#15 Booty Camp
#16 All About Adam
#17 Lord of the Flies
#18 Ch-Ch-Changes
#19 Hard on the Outside, Soft in the Middle
#20 We Are Family
#21 What Makes Sammy Run
#22 Two Weddings and a Funeral

#1 Round One: Aired Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Sam longs to be different. Brooke is tired of being popular. Josh, the football team's quarterback, auditions for the school musical and gets the lead. Carmen, a good dancer, but not thin, has a great audition for the cheerleading squad, but doesn't make the team. Sam is the new editor of the school paper, and does video interviews of fellow teens on what it means to be popular. Sam has a crush on Mr. Grant. Lily is getting people to sign a petition so that they don't have to dissect real animals in bio class. Sam and Brooke end up lab partners. Harrison misses his old childhood friend, Brooke.

#2 Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems: Aired Thursday, September 30, 1999

Josh is torn between his football obligations and his new starring role in the school musical. Carmen misses school, and Nicole and Brooke are shunned by many classmates after Carmen doesn't make the cheerleading squad. Sam is devastated when she meets Mr. Grant's girlfriend. Sam finagles an invite to Brooke's party, but then bags when her friends accuse her of going to the dark side. Sam and her friends crash the party, and Sam starts a fight with Brooke that is interrupted by their parents' surprise arrival and engagement announcement.

#3 Under Siege: Aired Thursday, October 7, 1999

Mr. Vincent and Coach Peretti's battle over Josh Ford heats up. Mr. Vincent steals a copy of the sports budget (including the Prada allowance for the cheerleaders) and gives it to Sam, who writes an expose for the school newspaper. Due to this article, the cheerleading squad is in danger of being shut down, and so when Sam and Brooke's parents plan a two-family dinner, Sam and Brooke end up verbally abusing each other at the table. Lily wins her battle not to dissect a frog. Brooke tries to be supportive of Josh being in the school musical, and they get back together, but when Coach Peretti tells her that Josh playing in the homecoming game could make or break the cheerleading squad, she begs him to quit the musical again. As revenge for the article, Nicole reports an inappropriate relationship between Sam and Mr. Grant to Principal Hall. After being discovered stealing the sports budget, Mr. Vincent resigns.

#4 Windstruck: Aired Thursday, October 14, 1999

Sam gets roped into a play rehearsal with Josh, and while she's sitting on his lap, he gets an erection. Right after she tells Carmen about it, she promises Josh she won't tell anyone, but then Carmen accidentally sends out the info to the entire school in an email. Brooke and Josh reconcile, and decide to have sex to make-up. Brooke is a little nervous about her first time, so she finally confides in Nicole that she and Josh are virgins. Mary Cherry overhears and spreads the news over the entire school. When Josh and Brooke are about to do it, Josh tells Brooke that the whole school knows their secret, and Brooke freaks and kicks him out. He goes to see Sam, and they end up bonding over their elementary school yearbook. Meanwhile, Brooke and Nicole get wasted on tequila, and when Nicole takes off Harrison ends up taking care of an ill Brooke. Sam and Harrison start having romantic thoughts about Josh and Brooke, respectively, and are both a bit disappointed when Josh and Brooke once again reconcile. Lily has to work a miserable job at Mr. Cluck's chicken restaurant, even though she's a vegetarian, because her family is broke.

#5 Slumber Party Massacre: Aired Thursday, October 21, 1999

Carmen has a slumber party for her 16th birthday and invites Brooke and her clan. Brooke is busted making out with Josh at school, and is forbidden to see him, while Nicole notices Carmen's hot older brother, Leo. So the cheerleaders decide to attend Carmen's party. Sam is immediately suspicious, and confronts Brooke, who claims that she actually likes Carmen and promises that she won't let Nicole torture her. Sam is also frustrated that Carmen doesn't think her current friends are good enough, and that she will go to any lengths to get on the cheerleading squad. The party is the disaster expected. Harrison comes over with vague hopes of hanging out with Brooke, but he ends up just helping Josh in. Brooke takes over Carmen's mother's room with Josh, until she's busted by Sam. When Josh realizes that he is the only reason Brooke attended the party, he walks out. Meanwhile, having been rejected by Leo, Nicole hypnotizes Carmen into thinking she's a chicken, and takes her to Mr. Cluck's to embarrass her. Brooke shows up and tries to soften the blow by acting like a chicken too. Carmen ends up spending her birthday with Lily and Sam at Mr. Cluck's. Sam finally realizes, after catching her mother and Mike McQueen on the kitchen floor, that this affair her mother is having is not going to blow over.

#6 Truth or Consequences: Aired Thursday, November 4, 1999

The biology mid-term is coming up, so Nicole steals a copy of the test with help from Mary Cherry and Poppy Fresh. Sam overhears Nicole telling Brooke about it, and when the cheerleaders and the jocks all score straight As and throw off the curve, Sam decides to expose them in the school newspaper. She gets Harrison to buddy up to Sugar Daddy and Josh and tape Sugar Daddy telling Josh about cheating. Josh asks Brooke if she cheated too. She says she didn't, but suffers an anxiety attack brought on by catching her dad and Sam's mom fooling around in the middle of the afternoon. She feels like her dad has been sneaking around and lying to her. Sam and Brooke share a moment in the bathroom bonding over their displeasure with their parents, and Brooke admits that she did actually cheat, 'cause she took the test from Nicole's locker, and Sam is the only one who knows. She begs Sam not to run the article, and Sam agrees not to, but she's too late to stop it. Brooke feels like Sam took advantage of her, and used Brooke's vulnerable moment to get the proof she needed for the article. Harrison feels betrayed by Sam because he was actually starting to get along with Sugar Daddy and Josh, and didn't want Sam to use the tape. Sam doesn't use names in her article, so Nicole is the only one busted and Principal Hall forbids her to cheer at homecoming. Brooke admits to Josh and Nicole that she did actually cheat. The whole mess erupts into a huge food fight in the cafeteria. Brooke and Sam's parents are called, and they try to convince their daughters to be friends. When the girls refuse, their parents break the bad news: they're moving in together next week.

#7 Queen B.: Aired Thursday, November 11, 1999

Sam and her mother move in with Brooke and her father, and it's immediately a war at home. Nominees for homecoming queen include Brooke, Carmen, Poppy, and Mary, after Nicole rigs the whole thing. Sam promises Carmen that as her campaign manager, she won't do a smear campaign on Brooke. When an old picture of Brooke's from home shows up in a nasty poster slamming Brooke, no one believes Sam when she says she didn't do it, including her mother. Nicole tells Brooke she has the contest all wrapped up until Mary Cherry's powerhouse mother steps in with wads of cash. Of course, it turns out that Mary got ahold of the picture when Sam brought it to school to giggle over it with Carmen, and right after Brooke wins homecoming queen she sees that Mary has the picture and everyone forgives Sam for not believing her. Meanwhile, Sam says her final goodbyes at her father's grave and vows to try to make this new home situation work so that her mother will be happy.

#8 Tonight's the Night: Aired Thursday, November 18, 1999

In the wake of a new sexy song by artist Lolipop topping the charts, everyone, even the Tuna twins, have sex on the mind. Brooke and Sam make a bet: Brooke must prove her relationship with Josh isn't superficial, while Sam must bag a boyfriend. Brooke ends up having sex with Josh for the first time to prove their intimacy, and then breaks up with him when she doesn't feel it. Sam tries to make Carmen's older brother Leo into her boyfriend, but realizes she can't force something that isn't there. Lily launches a condom campaign, and when she and Harrison end up in detention at the nurse's office, they make a deal to lose their virginity to each other. They meet up at a hotel that night, but Lily realizes that she's not attracted to Harrison and can't go through with it. Sugar Daddy is having an internet romance, and arranges to meet his "blonde cheerleader" after telling her he's tall, dark and built like a quarterback. He waits for her in a hotel lobby bar, and Carmen spots him and leaves without showing herself. Carmen then approaches him in the cafeteria the next day and admits she's the girl he's been talking to online. They agree to be friends and keep chatting online.

#9 Wild Wild Mess: Aired Thursday, December 2, 1999

Kennedy High has the student body elect a role model as principal for a day, and Nicole, with help from Sugar Daddy and Mary Cherry, kidnaps Gwyneth Paltrow's personal shopper to get Gwyneth, but he turns out to be an escaped mental patient. Kennedy High's janitors are on strike. Sam, Lily and Carmen discover Harrison has been hiding the fact that his mother is a lesbian. Brooke worries that she might be pregnant and Sam accompanies her to the clinic.

#10 Fall on Your Knees: Aired Thursday, December 9, 1999

Brooke and Sam grudgingly combine their holiday traditions and their friends. After Nicole bah humbugs Christmas and gets Bobbi Glass fired from her extra job at Clinique that she took so she could afford a hairless cat for her sister, she is visited by three spirits. She sees herself as the chubby unpopular girls she was as a little kid, she sees the bad feelings that she spreads around Kennedy High, she sees Brooke and Sam's Christmas party and how everyone toasts to her health, and she sees how when she and Carmen die, Carmen is mourned and she is forgotten. Nicole reforms, goes to Sam and Brooke's Christmas party with presents for everyone, puts Carmen on the cheerleading squad, and gets a hairless cat for Bobbi Glass.

#11 Ex, Lies and Videotape: Aired Thursday, January 13, 2000

Sam gets a chance to produce a segment on a syndicated TV show with one catch: Brooke is the on-air talent. As camera-man, Harrison gets trapped in the middle of Brooke and Sam's fights. Brooke suggests a story on teenage fame, and Sam suggests they make their subject Josh Ford, quarterback of the football team and star of the school musical. Meanwhile, Josh finally tells his father that he still starring in the musical, and he and his father go to war over what Josh wants for his life vs. what his father wants for Josh's life. Josh fears that his mother taking his side might break up his parents' marriage. Sam and Brooke end up with an amazing documentary, but destroy the tape after feeling like they invaded Josh's privacy. April Tuna becomes obsessed with Carmen due to her going from outcast to cheerleader. Lily feels like she's losing Carmen as a friend although she is impressed with the way Carmen handles April.

#12 The Trial of Emory Dick: Aired Thursday, January 20, 2000

Emory Dick puts the popular kids, Bobbi Glass and the lunch lady on trial for harassing him. Sam and Lily represent him at the school's mock proceeding and Principal Hall asks Brooke to lead the defense. Harrison finds out that Emory considers him his best friend and feels guilty for not standing up for Emory in the past. Carmen gets caught in the middle of the trial, trying to keep her old friends while fitting in with the cheerleaders. When Brooke puts her on the spot during the trial Carmen quits the cheerleading team. Josh and Sugar Daddy are looking forward to the start of the wrestling season until Sugar Daddy finds out that the new coach doesn't want him on team because he's too fat.

#13 Hope in a Jar: Aired Thursday, January 27, 2000

With a Sadie Hawkins dance looming, everyone starts to hate their bodies. When April Tuna asks Harrison to the dance, he's grateful when Sam says she's taking him. Brooke decides to go for substance over looks and invites Harrison to the dance. Harrison is incredibly psyched, but he can't figure out how to tell Sam. Sam finds out and is hurt, but then Josh asks her to ask him to the dance because he can't believe that Brooke asked Harrison. Carmen wanted to ask Josh, and is upset that Sam asked him. Meanwhile, everyone is dieting or lifting weights or taking laxatives or wrapping themselves in cellophane to improve their bodies. Nicole, Mary Cherry and Poppy Fresh compete over who can lose more weight, and winner gets Stone Cold as their date. Lily tells Nicole that the Glamazon logo is unrealistic, and Nicole says that if Lily takes Emory Dick to the dance, she'll change it, but if Nicole can make April Tuna into a babe for the dance, the logo stays. April Tuna, dressed up by Nicole, gets Stone Cold.

#14 Caged!: Aired Thursday, February 3, 2000

All the girls are PMSing at the same time and scaring the boys. Josh, Harrison and Sugar Daddy consult Miss Bobbi Glass for advice on how to deal with the girls, and she gives them a tape on ovulating red ants to educate them. To help them deal with their anger, the boys lock Brooke, Nicole, Mary Cherry, Sam, Lily, and Carmen in the girls' bathroom. The girls end up revealing secrets that they wrote down in womens' literature class: Mary Cherry was born with webbed fingers and toes, Lily questioned her sexuality after failing in losing her virginity to Harrison, Brooke made out with Josh after the Sadie Hawkins, Sam also made out with Josh after the Sadie Hawkins, Nicole, tired of being in Brooke's shadow, slept with Josh after Brooke dumped him, and Carmen is now dating Josh. Meanwhile, the boys are watching the ant tape which turns out to be a dominatrix tape. Miss Bobbi Glass busts them and ties them up, asking how they got the tape. They point out to her that it's the ant tape she gave them, and then Godfrey, they guy who got her into S&M, comes in and ties her up to. Godfrey's on his cell phone saying he has four new white slaves when the desperate foursome frees themselves. Josh runs for help to the girls' bathroom where he faces the rage of the girls who find out he's been playing all of them. Miss Bobbi Glass tells Harrison and Sugar Daddy to let Godfrey go and promises them As for the semester if they keep her secret. The girls, as a whole, bond, but Brooke tells Nicole she never wants to speak to her again.

#15 Booty Camp: Aired Thursday, February 10, 2000

After commenting on Lily's scantily clad appearance, Josh, Harrison and Sugar Daddy are sentenced to a weekend at Kennedy High's new sensitivity camp run by Bobbi Glass's brother Rock Glass. Brooke, shunning her ex-friend Nicole, joins Sam at the peer hotline, and they receive a call from Freddie Gong who is being tortured by Nicole calling him gay. Mary Cherry is desperate to be Brooke's new best friend for life and buys her a horse to that end. Nicole is also sent to sensitivity camp, and over the course of the weekend, Mary Cherry, Carmen, Sam, Brooke, and Lily are all dragged in as well. Josh's mother leaves his father, and although he originally begs her to keep trying to make the marriage work and tells her that he won't move out with her, he eventually realizes that what's best for him is not necessarily best for her.

#16 All About Adam: Aired Thursday, February 17, 2000

Brooke, on the advice of a seductive new student named Adam, submits pictures of herself for the Power Chick competition, but Sam wins when Carmen submits her pictures behind her back. As a result, Sam shoots a commercial with two members of the U.S. Women's World Cup Soccer Team. Meanwhile, Adam destroys Brooke's life, setting her up to look like she's a pot-smoker, and begins blackmailing the rest of the cheerleading squad. Sam's friends and Brooke's friends work together to figure out that Adam has a history of destroying cheerleaders and finally bring him down. Brooke and Nicole mend their friendship.

#17 Lord of the Flies: Aired Thursday, February 24, 2000

A new gorgeous vice-principal named Mr. Krupps shows up and charms the female population of Kennedy High. Mr. Krupps makes Harrison painfully aware of his lack of a life goal, and when Emory finds an old glowing review from a childhood music teacher of Harrison's, Harrison decides to embark on a music career. Carmen and Josh are happily dating, but Carmen becomes more and more insecure when it becomes obvious that Brooke is making a play to get Josh back. Harrison writes and performs a song about Carmen's insecurities, really pissing off Carmen. Josh ends up breaking up with Carmen and embarking on single life to figure out who he is and what he wants. Sam starts her new job at Cranky's, the music store.

#18 Ch-Ch-Changes: Aired Thursday, April 20, 2000

Sentenced to community service for punching out a cop that looks like Erik Estrada, Mary Cherry's mother Cherry Cherry is teaching home economics at Kennedy High, and she takes the title seriously, teaching students how to take over a company from home. Harrison's lesbian mother, Robin, has been fired from her job, and when she won't fight the huge drugstore company Harrison gets frustrated. When a popular shop teacher, Mr. Don, announces that he's transgendered and starts dressing like a woman, his job is in jeopardy and Harrison champions the cause, getting Sam, Lily and Carmen behind him. Brooke initially feels uncomfortable, and switches shop classes, but when she hears her father arguing against Sam and Jane that the shop teacher should be fired, she stands up for the new Miss Debby. Miss Debby, however, wants no part of it, and doesn't want her family exposed to the media. The popular crowd, disappointed with the new temporary shop teacher, joins the waning cause, and the students show up at a PTA meeting all cross-dressed. Mike McQueen is swayed by the students and Miss Debby's speech, but the rest of the PTA, led by Miss Bobbi Glass, isn't, and Miss Debby loses her job. Lily suggests to Cherry Cherry that they take over Robin John's old drugstore company, and Cherry Cherry does so, immediately giving Robin her job back with a fat raise. Harrison is happy for his mom, but incredibly sad to see Miss Debby clean out her desk.

#19 Hard on the Outside, Soft in the Middle: Aired Thursday, April 27, 2000

Lily tries to save a lobster from being eaten at Croutons, but Mary Cherry devours it first. Sam and Brooke both write great papers on natural selection for bio class, but Brooke puts a leather cover on hers and gets an A while Sam's plain paper gets a D. Sam decides to dye her hair blonde to prove that the popular girls' power is simply in their hair, and Lily joins her to see if she can save the next lobster, while Carmen also dyes her hair to see if she can get out from under Nicole's thumb. Brooke, Nicole and Mary Cherry dye their hair brown, and bet the new blondes that they can still rule the school. Whoever loses the bet has to get mohawks. The battle ends up being played out on the bowling alley, and even though Carmen is a great bowler, the new browns recruit Bobbi Glass and Sugar Daddy, while Lily is the worst bowler ever seen. From the experience, however, Lily does learn to loosen up a little and make herself a little more vulnerable. Harrison has dyed his hair too, in solidarity, and Sam suddenly finds him attractive. Meanwhile, Harrison is playing translator for Exquisite Woo, a new Chinese exchange student, since he was raised in Beijing until he was four. Exquisite Woo finds Sugar Daddy irresistably attractive, and turns down all the other white boys who fall at her feet. Mike asks Jane to marry him in three weeks and Brooke and Sam vow to do everything in their power to prevent that from happening.

#20 We Are Family: Aired Thursday, May 4, 2000

Mary Cherry's mom, Cherry Cherry, has fallen in love with Erik Estrada and is planning on getting married. Mary is against it until she realizes the fame that goes along with being Erik Estrada's step-daughter. Sam gets a wig from Mary Cherry and Nicole to cover up her mohawk by giving Nicole a fashion column in the newspaper, but Mary and Nicole decide to torture Carmen and Lily before giving them their wigs. After stuffing peeled grapes with blue cheese. scrubbing the two blondes' butts, and being chased by mohawked men with a wormy cat, Carmen and Nicole attack Mary Cherry with a razor for the wigs... right before E! comes to interview Erik Estrada's new step-daughter. Brooke and Sam team up to make Jane think Mike has been cheating on her so that their parents will call off the wedding. Not only doesn't it work, but Mike and Jane tell the girls that they're also planning a mutual adoption. Brooke starts to come around, liking the idea of having Jane as her mother, but Sam just gets more and more upset. Sam turns to Nicole for help, but Nicole just ends up ratting her out to her mom. Finally, Sam runs away from home.

#21 What Makes Sammy Run: Aired Thursday, May 11, 2000

Sam runs away from home and hunts for Brooke's mother, hoping to use her to stop the wedding. She finds Kelly Foster, who is reluctantly happy to hear about her daughter, but refuses to see her. Sam comes home and turns over a new leaf with regards to her mother's marriage. Meanwhile, it's Jane's bridal shower, and Brooke, with bad advice from Nicole, decides to not tell anyone that Sam has run away. Her lies build up, until she ends up in a farce in which Lily uses Sam's taped interviews to pretend that Sam is home and not feeling well. Finally, Jane finds out, but shortly thereafter Sam comes home. Mary Cherry is devastated when her mother denies her existence in an E! interview. She wants to do something to shame her mother, and when she discovers Wanda Ricketts living it up in the Kennedy High ladies room, she asks the crazy girl to teach her how to be trash like her. Sugar Daddy, Josh, Harrison, and Emory are trying to get into a strip club with fake IDs, and the bouncer tells them that they need a real adult with them. When Brooke asks them if they could take her dad out for a bachelor party while she throws Jane's bridal shower, they take the opportunity to use Mike to get into the strip club. Unfortunately, the next act on stage is Wanda Ricketts along with Mary Cherry and Nicole. The club is busted for underage dancers and underage patrons, and Mike ends up in jail. Cherry Cherry bails him out, asking that they keep Mary's deeds quiet and make their respective weddings a double ceremony. Sam and Brooke make peace, Sam offering to share her mother and Brooke telling Sam she's glad she's back.

#22 Two Weddings and a Funeral: Aired Thursday, May 18, 2000

In a season finale full of sweeps stunts, Bobbi Glass ruins the annual "skip day" ritual for her biology class by faxing their photos to their favorite hangouts so they'll be caught cutting classes. The kids plot their revenge during an extended musical number, but are surprised when Bobbi drops dead without even drinking their E Coli-laced beverage. Sam and Brooke agree to work together to make their parents' rehearsal dinner a success, but everyone is concerned when Jessie Glass carts her sister's body away and tells everyone to keep their mouths shut. It turns out that Jessie Glass has just paralyzed her sister, and leaves her to be eaten alive by cats. The students, scared that Jessie is going to frame them for a murder they didn't commit, steal Bobbi's body and bring her to the rehearsal dinner. The dinner is almost destroyed by and earthquake. Jessie steals her sister's body back and sends it to a morgue for cremation, but they all later find out that it's at the hospital because May Tuna needs a heart transplant because of an infection from eating too much dirt and she gets a call that a heart has come in. The doctor is shocked when, while removing Bobbi's organs, he finds out that the body doesn't have a heart. Bobbi's body ends up at the same church as the double wedding between Mike and Jane, and Cherry Cherry and Erik Estrada. Nicole and Mary Cherry get midgets to slip Bobbi an antidote, and she "arises from the dead" just as Kelly Foster arrives to announce that she's steal legally married to Mike McQueen.