Tamara Mello: Popular's Cool Activist

J-14 Magazine, February 2000, page 68

Tamara Mello became a vegetarian when she was researching for her role as Lily, the girl-with-a-cause on Popular. "I read a lot of books, and I think once you learn all this stuff, it's hard to go back. I will never eat a barbecued rib again," she tells J-14. Instead Tamara stays healthy by eating lots of tofu, vegetables and nuts. She recently quit drinking coffee, and has green tea instead. "It's good for the immune system," she says. She also stays healthy with daily doses of laughter, and admits the cast of Popular can get pretty giddy. "We're all really good friends and there are so many inside jokes, so if it gets tense and late, we start giggling in the middle of a take," she laughs. When she's not working, Tamara makes her own jewelry. She wears her grandmother's necklace for inspiration. Her other fave accessory? Her dog Ashby. "He's always been my best friend," she says. Tamara never leaves home with out her dog Ashby. She even sneaks him onto the set of Popular.