Trapped In A Purple Haze

When a charismatic teenager falters under constant pressure from his parents and school, he makes a potentially deadly mistake. Devastated by a turbulent relationship with his overbearing, but well- meaning mother, can the struggling student ever see clearly again while TRAPPED IN A PURPLE HAZE? Max Hanson (Jonathan Jack- son) seems to have it all. But beneath the perfect fašade, Max's world is about to fall apart. While his father (Colm Feore) silently stands by, Max's mother, Sophie (JoBeth Williams), relentlessly pressures her reluctant son to pursue his artistic talent while giving up his first love, ice hockey.

When Max falls for an attractive, vivacious classmate named Molly (Carly Pope), he thinks he sees his future getting brighter. But his problems have just begun. Brash, wild and spontaneous, Molly drags Max into a crazy world of parties and drugs. As Max's infatuation with Molly erratically spirals out of control, he gets kicked off the hockey team, and Sophie puts even more pressure on her son to achieve the success she never attained as a painter. With nowhere to turn, Max and Molly begin stealing to support their lifestyle, and Max's academic career ends in disaster after he runs away from home. Soon, in a haze of confusion and rising danger, tragedy strikes, and Max finally loses everything he cares about... including Molly. In an emotional showdown, Max's father makes a valiant bid to put his son's life back together. But it is Sophie who will have to endure a dramatic confrontation in order to save her fallen child, and her ailing family. Catch it April 17th, on ABC.